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Dated: 03/20/2020

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Greetings from LBI! As spring approaches the countdown to Memorial Day begins, and with that, the start of the LBI summer vacation season. Let's talk check in and check out times! These are stated on your lease agreement so always be sure to check that first. Since forever, the standard check in time on LBI is 2pm and check out at 11am (some homeowners vary this time in an attempt to ease traffic coming on and off the island so this may vary...remember to check your lease). Why can't I check in early? The main reason is the cleaning companies have a 3 hour window from 11am when the last tenant checked out, until 2pm when the next tenant checks in, to clean multiple homes in the midst of summer vacationer traffic. The real estate agencies do not monitor the schedules of the cleaning companies as they are hired by the homeowners themselves so we are not advised as to when a particular home has had its cleaning completed. It also makes the cleaning company's job harder and more time consuming to try to clean around the belongings of the incoming tenant...yes and that includes "can't we just bring our groceries in and put our stuff in the fridge/freezer?" The fridge and freezer can't be cleaned when they are chock full of food and drinks!

When checking out, please be respectful of the check out time...remember, if the cleaning company cannot get in to the home at their scheduled time, it causes a domino effect of them running late/rushing to clean the next properties in their queue which often results in a less than thorough cleaning due to time constraints. If you need time to organize the car, bring all your items outside of the house and do so in the driveway so that the cleaning company may enter the home on schedule. It will be very much appreciated by them, I assure you!

For the most part, LBI check ins and outs run like well oiled machinery so not to worry! Take care!

If you know of anyone looking to rent, sell, or buy on LBI, I'm always happy to help!

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