Nov 9 2017 170 ADULT FITNESS

Dated: 11/09/2017

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It may seem like kids have all the fun- at least when it comes to outdoor exercise. But more and more towns, senior centers and retirement communities are filling their green spaces with playground-style equipment aimed at grownups. While the installations may resemble monkey bars, they are designed for specific workouts. Low-impact, fun activities are what draw people in. Then they try more challenging exercises, says Sam Mendelsohn, president and C E O of the California-based Greenfields Outdoor Fitness. One community in Charlotte North Carolina, is opening its second intergenerational play space, as the project lead calls it. Tracey McGinnis, director of philanthropy at the Southminister life-plan community, says the first play space-which was created with the county parks department-has drawn many people who are attracted not just to physical play but to the social play as well. We dont stop playing because we grow old, she says quoting George Bernard Shaw, we grow old because we stop playing.

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